Monday, December 15, 2008

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Matthew turns 5

Man, where does the time go? On Dec. 4th, Matty turned five! I swear it was just the other day that we were bringing him home from the hospital. He is getting so big and so smart that it's hard for me to realize that he's not so little any more.
He had a fun Birthday with his friends and cousins over for a party, and a dinosaur cake with roaring dinosaurs...what more could a five year old ask for.
I have always had a special bond with Matty and is so fun watching him grow. I love his funny knock knock jokes, and the way he snorts when he laughs. He is such a joy to, and we all love him so much.
We all Love you Matty!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


With the Holidays upon us, it's time for traditions. One of our family traditions is making candy chains. It is very simple, and of course super fun for the kids. You just need saran wrap (I use red or green, because I'm festive like that,) ribbon, and candy. Then each day the kids get to wake up and eat a piece of candy, until Christmas day. For a twist I add a special surprise at the very top, and this is what they get on Christmas morning, usually just a big candy bar or something like that. The kids all had so much fun making them, well almost all of them, Chase about died when he realized he couldn't eat them all right away, that they were just going to hang on the wall, staring down at him. I guess he will have to get used to the once a day thing.
Now I want to know what your traditions are. You can either leave it on my comment board, or make your own post about it. It's always fun to see what other families do for fun.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This and that

Wow! I bet you all thought I gave up on blogging huh!? I haven't and I have had plenty to tell I just haven't taken the time to do it, so this post may be scatter-brained just hang in there and you will be able to finish reading it.
Also now would be the perfect time for you to grab a snack, maybe a diet pepsi too. Go ahead I'll wait...

The first exciting thing on my list is (drum roll please!) after nine loooong years and I do mean long, I am diaper free. That's right Chase is potty trained (clap,clap clap). I swear this little kid was the easiest of all my boys and it only took him three days and one accident, until he started telling me he had to go, I am just so proud ,and just knowing that I will never have sniff around the house wondering wear the poopy boy is hiding,and never having to run a stinky diaper out to the garbage can makes me even a happier mom. And to my friend who still find their nose pinched off while wiping your little ones bum...ha,ha, I don't have to do that any more.

Onto the next item of business. Nicholas had an invention convention at school. This is one of those projects that test the parents ability to do homework. I know you all know what I'm talking about, it's the one where you have to think of the idea, figure out how to accomplish it and put it all together while your kid holds the hot glue gun just so he can feel like he's participating.
Anyways Nicholas invented a ball launcher, made out of wood, a plastic spoon, and a paper cup. It turned out really fun, and he was proud of could be with his invention.
And to all you moms out there who have, and will continue to do great work, your not alone, and yes it does suck, but it is what it is.

As always I saved the best for last. This story actually begins back in Sept. actually, but it ended today. I went to get my haircut back in Sept. and while driving home I got pulled over for expired registration. We had paid for registration, but we couldn't get it to pass safety because of a simple light that would turn on and no one seemed to know the exact cause. Back on track, my temporary tags had expired so technically I wasn't registered, make sense?
The nice officer took my info and while he headed back to his car, I adjusted my shirt, I've seen work in movies so I thought what the heck I'll try it. He came back with a ticket and told me I had to appear in court or pay for the ticket with in two weeks, and walked back to his car without even looking at my shirt.
Two weeks came and went and I received a letter in the mail stating I needed to pay the fine or there would be a warrant issued for my arrest. Holy crap I better get this taken care of. I call the office and of course their not open and the have weird crazy hours that I would never remember so I just thought I would call back later.
Two weeks come and go again and I get a letter in the mail stating that a warrant had been issued for my arrest and that any law enforcement that comes upon me should take me directly to jail where I would remain until a Monday or a Thurs. when I could meet with the judge. WHAAAAAT... I know that I really need to get it taken care of so I call the courts and they say I need to pay $197.00 to get it cleared. Um no way. "Can I get it reduced to the original $45 for just the ticket?" I plead.
"Sorry you will have to talk to the judge, and she will decide."
So this morning I headed down to the court house to plead my case. And to no avail, the judge so kindly reduces the fee by $20 dollars and sentences me to pay $177 and serve 25 days in the county jail unless I pay the fine then the jail time will be dismissed. Now I'm really upset the guy before me had two counts of assault, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and failure to sppear and he only has to pay $75, that's messed up.

You all probably wonder why I am sharing this story right? You probably all think I should be embarressed right? Like if it happened to you, you would'nt be announcing it to the whole world right? Well I think it's pretty funny, I could have ended up in jail, and I am wanted by the police, that's just funny. Plus as a good friend I like all of you to learn from my experiences, so if you keep your car registerd and pay your tickets on time you will never have to end up a convict like me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My baby turns 3!

I can hardly believe it, my baby just turned three. I know what your all thinking, "so stop calling him a baby, your going to give him a complex!" Well I'm fully aware of that and I just can't help myself.

We had a fun little day and I just want to share a few things about Chase that I LOVE.

He is so funny. For his Birthday he picked out some party hats at the dollar store, that he just had to have. When we got home I was singing a crazy little song I made up for him about his birthday, he was dancing and having a great time. He stopped dancing and ran off, only to return with a party hat for me to wear. I put it on and he said "sing birthday song " and so I did. So here's the picture, me standing in the kitchen with my hat on clapping my hands and singing a birthday song for him. I love that he's not old enough to be embarrassed by me yet, so I can still do the crazy fun things with him.

Chase is such a funny little kid with a very distinct personality. While he can be super cute and fun one minute he can turn in the blink of an eye and just be the meanest little boy ever. He is even really good at giving dirty looks (he gets that from me;) That's what make Chase, Chase, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Chase loves his Grandma and Grandpa so much. Grandpa called him and sang "Happy Birthday" to him and he just sat on the phone with the biggest smile on his face, happy as could be. After he hung up with Grandpa he ran around singing, "I love bompas (Grandpa) house, I love bompas house", it was so cute. (We like singing made up songs at our house)

Chase is such a blessing to have in our family and he makes us all so happy. I can't wait to watch him continue to grow, even though I am going to miss my little baby.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The first snow...

Yep that's right! And so the crappy weather begins. I hate the thought of it being winter already. There's not much I like about the cold so let me list a few of the things I hate... I hate the snow, being wet, driving on slick roads, freezing hands, cold runny nose, constantly feeling cold, the bitter wind, changing kids wet clothes so they can just go right back outside, just about everything! So when it snowed on Wednesday all I thought was uggghh. My boys on the other hand were so excited, and couldn't wait to go out in it. Nick and Taylor even played snow baseball before school.

After school there was a little knock on the door, I opened it to see Coltrin standing there. As soon as I opened the door he yells "Guess what
Nit-ty it noooed" It was seriously the cutest thing I have seen in a while, he was so excited.
I bundled Matty and Chase up and they went outside to play. Even though there wasn't much snow, they were in heaven and happy as could be to be playing in it. Me on the other hand about froze to death just going out to take the pictures.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love, love, love Halloween...Everything about it. Decorating, dressing up,carving pumpkins, and yes I even like the Trick or Treating part of it. This year was really fun because my youngest, Chase was old enough to understand the dressing up part and the craziness of running door to door. He was so excited to tell everyone that he was going to be a "kullen" and for those of you who speak english, that means skeleton. Matty was really funny too...If you asked him what he was going to be, he would say "a power ranger, then Buzz Lightyear, and then a clown" He was set on changing costumes so that he could be all three. But after finding out that I was going to be a clown, he decided to be my little clown buddy.
Taylor and Nick had really fun at their school parties, (of course they did I am room mother for both classes and I only plan fun things).
We started off our night at the ward Trunk or Treat, and then left and went to a couple of neighborhoods around our house. The kids got enough cadny to last them forever, and if not forever they will definitely have the cavities to show from it. Ha ha can you imagine... "this cavities from Halloween2008, I got so much candy and I ate it all in a day and didn't even bother brushing my teeth like my mom said to." (said in a old man's shaky voice). We all had a fun time, now on to Thanksgiving.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

He's only 9...

Taylor's friend Paige called to ask if he wanted to go to Gardner Village with her and her family to go on a witches hayride. Taylor says "yes". Excited as can be, (even realizing that he will have to miss wrestling practice which usually nothing gets in the way of) he runs upstairs to change his shirt and re-do his hair for the day. As he takes off his shirt he says "phew, I stink... I been smelling this smell and now I know it's me, do you want to smell?" I of course don't want to smell something that stinks, that is just gross. Being the best mom in the world, and not wanting my son to stink, I go get Jeff's deodorant and put it on him Problem solved.
I send Taylor on his way and call Jeff to tell him how funny it was that Taylor had B.O. Jeff of course just laughs, and tells me that boys don't get stinky until their like twelve, and that Taylor probably just has a crush on her and wants to look and smell his best. WHHAAATT?! LALALALALAL! I don't want to hear that about my son, he's only nine, he's supposed to like star wars and pokemon, NOT GIRLS!
Man how naive am I? I just helped him get all handsome for his big date, and don't even realize what I'm doing. AAAAHHHH! I am not ready for this, and I can guarantee that when he gets home I am going to be quizzing him about his whole night, what they talked about, where his hands were, where his lips were, the whole nine I may have to really get on him because he is past his curfew...which is unexceptable.

I just smelled the shirt he took off, and it does NOT stink... I guess Jeff may know what he's talking about (but only on this one subject).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween party!

Saturday we went to Maurina's house for a Halloween party. The kids had fun doing an obstacle course, a pinata, and decorating candy corn foamies. We all had fun eating and visiting. Thanks for a fun day, I can't wait until next year.

Michleene, Maurina, Jolene, and Me (Yes I know my costume is quite slimming huh!?)

The boy's trying to eat donuts off strings during the obstacle course.

Matthew running through the spider web

My family. Jeff trying to pose as an innocent Boy Scout. Ha Ha!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Killing two birds with one stone...

Laura Lee tagged me with a tag called "sixth". Basically you have to take your sixth picture from your sixth file and post it. Lucky for me, and lucky for you it wasn't my boudoir pictures I had taken for Valetines for Jeff. Just kidding I burnt those... just kidding there never were any and that's what I'm sticking to. Any ways, back on track this is my sixth picture...

This is a picture of some "Thank You" cards I made for the boys school auction last year, Which leads me right into my next topic.

As most of you already know Jeff's in the real estate business, and with the market being so crazy work has been very little. Things were tight for a little while, tight like squeezing my size 10 butt into a size 2 jeans, you get the picture? During this hard time so many people have stepped up to help us, and I am so thankful for all of you, so I want to give a big THANKS to all of you.

My first Thank You goes to Jeff. Thanks for all you do. You are the best husband a girl could ask for, and I am so thankful for all you do for me and the boys. We love you!

Next I wanted to thank all my family and friends who have helped me out the last little bit. I especially want to thank my parents for their constant love and support and Jamie for always taking the back seat for her "baby" sister. Trisha and Josh, you guys are awesome and I appreciate all of your help. It's so good knowing that you can always count on family.
To all of my friends, thanks for listening and talking to me you guys are very supportive and non-judgemental, I couldn't ask for better friends.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Witches came out....

But this time they dressed up!

Wednesday was our annual Halloween BUNKO, it was so much fun. Thanks Jaime for the good food, good fun, and good prizes you did awesome. There were so many fun costumes, and we all looked fab. Thanks girls for a fun night you are all so awesome, and I love the time we spend together.

Best costume winners!

"White Trash" aka. Paige

"Lucille Ball" aka Angie

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pinewood Derby

This past week our scouts had their "pinewood derby". It's always fun to see all the different cars the boys build. This year Taylor decided to do his car black and red with a "black widow" look. His car turned out really good and I am so proud of his patience to take the time and make it right. It looked really good when it was finished.

They all had a good time racing their cars and I didn't realize that they go so fast. At the end they gave us a printout of the speeds and places and Taylor's cars average speed was 225mph, now that's fast.

Taylor's car won 2nd in over-all and 1st in his den. Way to go T!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creepy Crawly!

It all started on a cold dark night with the rain pouring down, and the lightning the only light in the sky...
Not really. But it should have been (plus I always wanted to start a blog entry that way!) Anyways Jeff and I had gone down to a garage sale on river bottoms road, and on the way back as we're driving along, I see something in the road...
"Holy Crap did you see that spider in the road?" I ask Jeff. I know your all thinking, "girl you are cuckoo there is no way you would see a spider in the middle of the road while driving", I said I was sure of it so Jeff backs the truck up. We start backing up, and right there in the middle of the road is a leaf, and I'm thinking Oh great, I thought a leaf was a spider, now I look really dumb. I promise Jeff that that's not what I saw and he back up some more, and there it is in the middle of river bottoms road, a GIANT TARANTULA! I know! I have lived in Utah for "barely" 29 years, and have never in my life seen a real life tarantula. Except for Jeff's pet tarantula, who he threw at me once and made me pee my pants...true story.

My thought was, we've got to catch it. One of the boys in ward is doing a bug collection in school and he would be the coolest kid in the class if he brought in a tarantula. So we look around and we find a popcorn box in the back of the truck, and Jeff gets out to catch the spider. At this point, I am already in the backseat of the truck, for fear of losing my life because of the spiders massive fangs. We head home, one of the most uneasy rides of my life, with my husband taunting me with the popcorn box.

We take it to my neighbors to see if he still needs bugs for his collection, and sadly he's done with that project, so we're left with this crazy huge spider.
We take it home to show the boys, and they of course thought it was the coolest thing ever. They even took it to a few neighbors to show it off.

After everyone has their fun with it Jeff and all the kids pile in to the truck to go set it free, but not before Jeff has a chance to chase me around the yard with a popcorn box. Here's the picture, imagine this, me running around screaming as Jeff chases me with a box of popcorn, the neighbors were probably thinking that I must have major issues with popcorn, What a JERK! (I really do love you honey, even when you cross the line!)

So now I know, the story's they say of tarantulas living in Utah are true, even if you've never seen one just know their out there. (Creepy I know!)

I am going to post some pictures now, I will start out slow with the not so scary ones just in case some of my loyal friends have a weak stomach when it comes to spiders, but you have to see this sucker!

The last picture with Taylor playing with it shows you it's true size. Gross huh!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids are CraZy...

I was just sitting here today, thinking about how funny my kids are and how much they make me laugh. I thought I would share with you just a couple of funny things from this week.

Mattty and Chase playing upstairs with their "Mickey Mouse Playhouse"

Mom: Hey Matty can you share the Donald Duck with Chase?
Matty: No mom, it's not Donald Duck, it's Donald Goose.
Mom: What...are you crazy?
Matty: No he's just a goose.

Okay whatever! Atleast I can say my kids don't watch enough T.V. to know Donald Goose's true identity.

Nick telling me about how close Taylor and him are to finishing "Halo" (a game for the xbox, that I don't approve of.)

Nick: Hey mom we are almost all the way done with Halo1, then we can buy Halo2.
Mom: Oh, that's great! Do you like playing it?
Nicki: Yeah, it's awesome, it is so violent and stuff.
Mom: Whaaaat... your done playing it.
Dad: Nick meant all you do in the game is pick flowers and take them to cute old lady's. Right Nick?
Nick: No it's really violent.

I am so glad my kids will tell me the truth, maybe they will continue to do it forever, and I will never have to worry.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Crappy?

This video is off of scrubs, and it is sooooo funny. I don't know why I think it's so funny, maybe I am just completely sick or maybe it's because I realize that I will probably be in that same situation one day, and if I can just imagine the doctors being so excited about it, it might not be so bad.

Any ways if you get offended by the word "poo", or you just don't have any sense of humor at all, I advise you not to watch ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Puppies...

Let me tell you my story. When I first got Rosie I was so excited I had this cute little purebred Maltese who would be so fun to breed...What was I thinking.

The first thing That really made me regret it was, on the night she had her puppies, Jeff was convinced that there was another puppy in her, and nothing was happening. When it had been 12 hours since her last pup I gave in and called the vet. Just to please Jeff.

The vet told me I could bring her in and have an ultrasound done, and that would be about $10,000,000 dollars, or I could just do a check myself. Hmmm...Check myself huh!? I can probably do that right. So The first thing to do is learn how to properly do a check. I get online to trusty google and find out exactly how to do a check. Ewwww gross! It's worse than I thought, I actually have to do a "real" check.Then I wonder, can I really do this? Yes I can.

So after searching my house for some Vaseline or KY jelly and finding nothing,I am forced to call my neighbors.

Let me ask you, how would you feel if at 10:00 at night you get a call from your crazy neighbor next door asking to borrow some Vaseline? Awkward! Well Megan was kind enough to give me some Vaseline that she actually didn't want back, I can't say I blame her.

Now I had to talk to myself for a little while before I could actually do the check, I was trying to convince myself it was for the best...
So I check...NOTHING. I was fuming mad, I had just done that for nothing. Not only had I scared the crap out of the poor neighbors, I have successfully traumatized myself and the dog.

The next thing is the sleepless first three nights, sleeping with one eye open because the dog is so stupid and keeps laying on her babies, duh that will cause them to die.

Number three reason the puppies are finally getting cute and the kids start getting attached and every day, sometimes twice a day one of your kids will ask " can we keep the puppies? they are so cute. Please, please, please."

And the final reason why this was a dumb idea is because they STINK! Yes, no matter how often I change the bedding or the puppy pads it doesn't matter, they're puppies and they pee and poop, that's all everyday.

So I tell you before you decide to breed your dog, make sure you are ready for the longest eight weeks of your life.

Just a real quick note, to anyone who wants I have two adorable, puppies left for sale. I am asking $300 a piece. They will stay fairly small around 5-7 pounds and they are precious.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

What does this look like to you?

As most of you know, I am very content with my little family, while Jeff's not so sure. He keeps insisting that we need one more, just one more. He has not convinced me yet. I keep thinking "what would I do with five kids?" Holy crap that's a lot. So the debate continues, or does it?

I have been feeling kind of crummy this last week and I just haven't been able to put my finger on what wrong. Of course talking to my mom she suggest that it's probably stress, quickly followed by "you know, it wouldn't hurt to take a pregnancy test."
No, no! Theres no way possible it could be that, could it? Not unless I'm one of the 1%, and I'm not even late so why would this even be considered?

After going back and forth I finally decide to get a pregnancy test. I of course send Jeff to get it, I can only imagine what the rumors would be if I was seen purchasing a pregnancy test:)

The ritual is I "pee" and Jeff "looks" (at the pregnancy test when it's done) you sickos. So on Thursday morning I set out to solve a mystery, I do my job and lay back down to wait for Jeff to do his. He confirms it's a negative. Instantly I'm better.

Jeff heads to work and I get up to get the kids ready for school, but suspicion gets the better of me and I have to look in the garbage at the results myself. WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! What is he trying to pull? That is a total positive result. I quickly call him up and start immediately accusing him of lying, "why would you do that? do you think that's funny?" He totally has no idea what I'm accusing him of and quickly cover it up by saying "I think they just turn that way after they sit for awhile." I am not convinced so I set out to take another one. After drinking myself to death I finally take it and it's an instant positive. OH CRAP, OH CRAP, OH CRAP that's all I can think right now, that and how could this happen? (Well I know how it happens, but really?)
I call Jeff back up and tell him what happened, "Jeff theres two line, two lines means I'm pregnant," I'm trying not to yell at him at this point, one because he lied to me, two because I'm pregnant. He quickly explains that a "positive" sign means I'm pregnant and a "negative" means I'm not. I'm not buying that I have taken plenty of pregnancy test to know how to decipher positive from negative and it's a positive! Jeff quickly explains again that he's pretty sure when he read the box it said "with new easy read" Where's the box? I threw it away when I took the trash out earlier, not wanting to did threw the garbage outside, I jump on the internet and what do I find? New EPT easy reads, yep that's it "positive" is a "positive" and "negative" is a "negative". I quickly apologize to Jeff and thank him for not getting me pregnant.

Sorry to all of you who have been "nagging" me about another baby. Mich especially, you have know idea how close you were to getting the call...

As for my little family, I love all my boys and I definitely know that if or when I'm supposed to have another, I will definitely be open to the idea. Until then it will remain "five against one"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catching baby fish!

The other day we took Matthew and Chase down to the pond to catch baby fish. Matty was so excited, it was his special outing since his older brothers were spending the night at grandmas. They set out with their nets to catch the fish, and before they knew it they had a whole bug catcher full. Matthew was as happy as could be. Chase was a little nervous at first but soon he got used to the idea and tried to help.

While we were there, we stopped to feed "Tucker" and "Bill" (our ducks that we had but set free because they were too stinky to keep.) The boys threw the bread in and the ducks weren't really interested though, so the bread just floated in the water, the boys didn't seem to notice.

After throwing bread "feeding" the ducks, it was time for rocks, they loved throwing rocks in the water, and could of spent all day doing just that.
We brought the fish home and they lasted about two days until I finally flushed them down the toilet.

I can't wait for our next adventure, having little boys usually means our adventures include catching thing, or lighting them on fire. Ooh what fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school!

Today my boys started school, YAY ME! It seems like I am counting down this day from about the second week of summer vacation, oh how I love for my kids to be in school. Don't get me wrong but after so many days of hearing"I'm bored", and "there's nothing to do" I am about ready to scream, I am definitely for year round school.

Taylor started fourth grade...I know it makes me crazy to think that I have a kid old enough for fourth grade, it seems like just yesterday that I was sending him to kindergarten. He is in Ms. Pardews class, she is a new teacher at the school, and Taylor is excited to be in her class.

Nicholas is in second grade, and when someone would ask him if he was ready for school to start, his answer would always be "no", but after going to school today I'm pretty sure he remembers how fun it can be. He is in Mrs. Sanders class (which I'm happy about) and I think he is too, I mean she let them catch grasshoppers and bring them into the classroom to be the class pet. He couldn't be any luckier.

I am so excited for my boys they are excellent students and I can't wait to see how much they learn and grow this year. I love you Taylor and Nick.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grasshoppers anyone?

I bet you all have seen a decrease in the amount of grasshoppers out there right!? Oh maybe just us. Nicholas and Mercedes have been spending the last week or two catching grasshoppers. Everyday they set out to the best spot imaginable for catching grasshoppers, the Mexicans, oops I mean the neighbors back yard. They fill the jar with as many grasshoppers as they can, and then feed them leaves, grass and carrots. The grasshoppers start slowly dying and before to long they empty their catch and start all over again the next day. So if you have a problem with grasshopper or any other bugs just give me a call and I will hook you up with the best bug catchers in town.

On the hunt....

Um, not really sure what to say for this one, maybe just ewww gross!