Thursday, June 16, 2011

Phillipines at first glance!

When we got to the airport we had arranged for a bus to pick us up, once we found it we were set. All bags and kids in and we're ready to go.

The bus was my first taste of Cebu. No seat belts, no air conditioning, and very dirty. I was scared! All I could think is "what did I sign up for?"

We made it safely to our village (No village idiot jokes! I know that's what you're all thinking right now.) and into our new home.
Here's our first few views of the Cebu.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane!

Checking in
Well the fun at the airport took no time at all to get started. We started by waiting for the airlines to open up to check us in. We had to wait about 20 minutes, not bad but when you're juggling 13 suitcases, 7 carry on's and 5 kids it is big deal.

On to security
I was on the ball and made sure we had no liquids, no sharp objects, the boys had their shoes off and we were ready...UMMM MAYBE NOT.

The kids go through perfectly and I am pushing their bags through, when I realize Chase's bag has been pulled out and is getting checked... "oh crap what did I miss?" Water, phew Chase had filled his cup which I had specifically told him not to, but this is easy no big deal. Time to send his bag back through...WHAT? It's getting pulled again? Seriously I told that kid that Joey had to stay home we can't take animals on the plane. No dog! But really what are the looking for? They have now emptied his bag completely and are checking the interior lining.

The guard looks at me and starts playing 20 questions.
- Is this his bag? Yes
- Is it any one Else's? No

- Does your husband ever use it? Yes
This is when Jeff walks up.
-Sir, when was the last time you used this bag? Maybe 6 months ago.
- Do you take it camping? Yes
-What do you take with you when you go camping?- Knives and guns.
- Yep that's what I thought.
He pulls out his hand as is holding four bullets. Holy Crap!
They put it through again and it's still not clear. Do one more thorough search and find three more bullets that makes seven total.
They proceed by doing a background check on Jeff and then send us on our way.

SERIOUSLY? Can we just get on the plane already?


After all that our first plane is delayed for almost an hour and when it's time to get on I can't use the car seat for Lilly. Grrr.

Board the plane and realize why. This is the teeniest tiniest plane I have ever seen and it seats 45 people...45 people who are about to die!

The ride was good and we made it to L.A. with no time to spare and we were escorted to our plane by a cute little Korean man who was in a huge hurry to get us on our plane. Just picture the scene from "Home Alone" when their all running through the airport...Yep that was us.

Whew we made it! But wait a minute, they are telling be I can't use Lilly's car seat on this flight either. You've got to be kidding this is the longest flight of all I need her car seat. But it's a no go.

What a ride the kids were Amazingly good and Lilly only fell off the seat once when I dosed off for a minute and wasn't holding her, ooops!

Landed in Hong Kong right on time.
The wait in Hong Kong went fast and before we knew it we were on our way to Cebu. This time with a car seat.
Landed In Cebu safe and sound now on to great adventures!

Sunday June 5, 2011

Breath in, breath out!
It started out as a normal morning, breakfast with my parents, Jamie, Kenny and Cedar, and then back to my house to finish up packing WHAT.....STOP! That's when it gets all crazy and I'm realizing as I give my Dad his Father's Day gift that "this is for real" and this is the last time I'll be seeing them in person and the next time will be on the web-cam he's opening up, this is where the breathing begins and I have to tell myself "it's only a year". And then after a tearful goodbye they drive off.

I compose myself quickly and get back to work on getting the house ready and the final packing together. Then my friends show up and the breathing starts again. "What am I going to do without these two girls"? They know me best and accept and love me for me, they are the ones who make me laugh and know how to make me feel better. The tears quickly come again and as they are leaving another feeling of "this is for real" is sweeping over me.

I keep telling myself that the great things about goodbye is it make you realize just how much you love someone and each of them for their very own reason and how much impact they have in your life. I love you all!

I am lucky enough to have an amazing sister-in-law who has amazing in-laws. They invited us to have dinner at there house as our farewell meal and it was so perfect feasting on hamburgers and potato chips. Thank You Barlow's for the great company and great food.

It's time to leave and the cousins are saying goodbye and I'm getting teary eyed because I don't think that they "get it" .

I already mentioned my amazing sister-in-law, but it doesn't end there, she and and her husband drove us to the airport. The drive up there was good. My husband and my boys were saying goodbye to "all things Utah" as we pass and we get there quickly...too quickly.
Breathings heavy again this is it, last goodbyes and we're off. This was another hard one and I lose it quickly.
Thanks for all the support and well wishes. I am am scared to death and very excited for this chapter in my life.

The best part of goodbyes is that it 's made me see how important each and everyone of these people are in my life and that they all play their own special role. I love you all!