Friday, February 27, 2009

Thyme vs. Poop

Making a dinner that the kids like isn't always the easiest thing to do. Here is the last episode we had at our house.

Jeff says- "Chase eat your dinner"
Chase- "'s yucky
Jeff- "it's really good"
Chase- "It's got poop"
Jeff- "theres no poop"
Chase- "YEEEES see, little poops"

Jeff looks at what he's pointing at, and it just happens to be thyme. Jeff tells him again that it's not poop, and takes it off his plate. Chase looks at his plate again and sees more "little poops" and starts crying. Needless to say he didn't finish his dinner, which I don't blame him for, I wouldn't eat food that contained "little poops"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Skinny girls...

Dear Skinny Girls,
Yes, you know who you are. Your the girls who wear a size 10 or below pants, and who I actually see jogging around town, or I see as I peer through the windows at the gym, yes you. I have a dream, and that dream is to be just like you. This has been a dream I've had since after my first baby,and I've never really been able to make it come true.
So with the peer pressure from Angie I joined a aerobic/hip-hop class.
Picture and Angie on the back row of aerobics class with a full mirror in front of us so we can be reminded of just why we're there. Trying not only to do the moves, but to keep up...I know funny huh. Well I did my first class and went home feeling great...until two days later when I felt like I had been hit by a mack truck. Great this means I did good right?
Well we went back for our next class, and this time we started warming up and then came the jumping jacks...Oh crap I knew I couldn't jump on a trampoline, but jumping jacks really? I made a mad dash to the bathroom and got back just in time to see the last few jumping jacks being completed. I was able to do the rest of the workout with no interruptions, and I was feeling great again kind of like I accomplished something great.
As we leave I decide to stop for a diet dr. pepper. What? Don't give me that it was diet okay. Well I go to pay for this "diet" soda but you have to spend at least two dollars to use your debit card, so what do I do? I grab the first thing I see which happens to be a pink cookie. Oh yeah you know the ones with 24 grams of fat, with a thick layer of pure crisco frosting on top, those ones. I get in the truck and Angie feels like she should give me the exact run down of whats in it, and I do my best to tune her out.
I make it home with the pink cookie unopened and think to myself, I will just pass it up this time...who am I kidding, I opened that cookie as soon as I sat down on the couch.
So my dear friends, Now you know why I am not skinny like you, it's all because of one pink cookie. Please wish me luck at my next aerobics class, not only that I might hold my bladder, but that I will be able to pass up that delightful crisco covered cookies

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day and the BIG 30!

Well folks, it's official my husband is an old man. He turned 30 on Friday the 13th(imagine eerie music in the background;) This year for his birthday the boys and I thought we would surprise him by decorating his office. We "borrowed" the keys to his office, which are conveniently on the key ring with his truck keys, and we set out to do the job. We got balloons, confetti, banners, cards, and a special treat and decorated is desk. When he got to work on Friday morning he was so surprised, at first he thought maybe the people at work had decorated it and then saw the cards from me and the boys, and he asked his boss "how did they get in here?" and his boss said "I don't know, I was hoping you could tell us" HA,HA,HA! Luckily he works for great people(scoring brownie points for him just in case they stumble upon this some how) and they didn't really care.

My accomplices

For Valentines day this year I thought it would be a fun idea to have a little Valentines dinner with the boys. I set the table with a valentines theme, which included wine glasses, red plateS, and confetti hearts.
For dinner we had a family favorite, with a little twist of "love" which consisted of heart shaped ham slices and pineapple, red rice, pink white sauce, and broccoli and cheese. The kids thought it was so neat and they love the idea of wine glasses with martinellis.
It was was fun night, and I am so lucky to have such a sweet family to share days like this with. I love you all!

Me and my boys getting ready for our dinner(just ignore how crappy I look)

Valentines dinner.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Man's best friend ...

This story actually begins back in July when I was at girls camp with our ward. I spent a full week up there and was excited to get home. When I walked in the door there was my family all looking at with guilty eyes and I had the feeling that I knew why. Yep, sure enough I look out the back door and there is this UGLY black puppy staring at me. The only thing I could think of was, "get this dog out of here". After much coaxing, and promises I knew would never be kept, I finally agreed to let the dog stay. I never really liked "Ellie" she was big and just so STUPID. I'm not kidding, she would come up to you and just plow into you with her big ugly head, and I just never grew very attached to her.

Jeff loves Ellie, and thinks she is just the greatest dog ever, and she is for the most part if you like BIG, STUPID dogs. The last week or so I had noticed Ellie was starting to be mean to Joey, and Jeff trys to tell me that all Ellie is trying to is play and Joey is just to ornery. Whatever!

So on Saturday night Matty was petting Ellie, and she just turned and snapped at him, WHAT! STUPID DOG! Luckily she just got the tip of his finger, and didn't break the skin. So back outside she goes and Jeff trys once again to justify this, but is having a hard time. So on Sunday morning Jeff gives STUPID,oops I mean Ellie another shot at coming in the house. Everything is fine, and the bam out of the blue she snaps at Taylor, and unfortunately gets his face. So Jeff knows what he has to do with his best friend, and it make us all real sad (Except for me of course, I was so happy however I was able to hide my happiness and put on a sad supportive front for Jeff:)

I know, this sounds like such a sad thing, but on Sunday before Jeff got rid of Ellie, just to make sure I would let him still have a dog, he went and bought a new one and let me just say, she is precious. We named her Sophie, she is a ten week old yellow lab and she is just super cute. I hope that she will be a good pet for us and that we will get to enjoy her for many years.