Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is my life really that boring?

Well, it has been along time since my last post. I just thought that nothing that exciting was going on to write about, that's when I realized that my life isn't boring, it's just busy. First we had spring break. Not much excitement there, except the fact that I made it through it without having some sort of break down. We spent our time hiking, playing outside, and a day at the arcade with friends. Next, Taylor has had track practice on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and baseball try-outs for the accelerated team on the same three days. Nicholas is also going to play baseball, this is his first year in a sport,(we tried wrestling, but he wouldn't do it) we bought him all the gear, and he is so excited he wears his whole outfit, any time we let him. I am so happy that my boys are happy, energetic kids, and that they love to learn new things. I am so lucky to have such wonderful boys.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

State Wrestling Tournament

It all started on Thursday afternoon when T. went to get weighed in for the state wrestling tournament that would be this weekend. Taylor weighed in at 50.5 lbs. and he couldn't be over 50.0 lbs., so he had to pack on the clothes and his dads jacket and run the track to sweat off as much weight as he could to get to 50 lbs. or less. After running 4 1/2 miles he was down his half a pound and was able to make weight. For those of you who don't know much about wrestling, each tournament you are in you have to say how much you weigh so they know who to pair you up with , so once you sign up you have to be that weight or you cannot compete. Taylor competed on Friday night in the "greco/roman" style wrestling, which he has never done before, he wrestled really well and came in second earning him a silver medal. On Saturday was the " freestyle" wrestling which he has done and is very good at as well, he placed third and was really happy with the way he wrestled. Taylor has done really well practicing and training to be a good wrestler and at his little weight he has done an amazing job. I just had to take a few minutes and brag about my oldest son, I am so proud of him. WAY TO GO T.!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I know... families are forever
I believe...we should all be true to ourselves and not try to please everyone else.
I am angered...by how expensive dental work is.
I love...tevo.
I need...eight hours of sleep each night.
I take...a bath usually once a day .
I hear...my kids running and yelling.
I drink...diet pepsi daily.
I hate...when my kids are sick,I feel so bad for them.
I use...Britney Spears perfume.
I want...to be on a jury for a really good case.
I like... being with my friends
I feel...happy to know my kids have a wonderful relationship with their grandparents.
I wear...socks to bed.
I left...my SD card on the airplane after my trip to Italy:(
I do...not like the cold weather.
I hope...my boys will grow up to be successful men.
I dream...about being the perfect mother and wife.
I drive...too fast.
I listen...to my ipod when I clean.
I type... very slow.
I think...about scrapbooking, and getting started again.
I wish...I liked to cook for my family.
I am...in need of a vacation.
I regret...not documenting my kids first step,tooth,haircut, etc.
I care...about what I look like.
I said...I would'nt get married young, ha ha fooled myself.
I wonder...what it will be like when my kids are grown.
I cry...when I watch biggest loser.
I lose...my temper easily.
I leave...my slippers on all day untill I go out.
I should...take my kids to church more often.

I tag Maurina, Chastina, and anyone else who hasn't done it yet.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Idol

Okay real quick my two bits about American Idol. I want to know who out there keeps voting for Kristy Lee Cook? I have been waiting and waiting for her to go but she never does, so if you are voting for her please stop. She has the worst attitude, I mean making a sign for a seat in the bottom three, that was the stupidest thing I have ever seen, plus the best song she sang was "God bless the USA", when will be the next time, when she sings "Yankee Doodle"? . Don't get me wrong I'm glad Ramiel is gone, but now it's Kristy's turn.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools

Today being April Fools day I new the tricks would be flying at my house. It started when Jeff came in with my morning diet pepsi , I took a big swig and it was rootbeer, YUCK, I hate rootbeer! Then Taylor was getting ready for school and said he wanted to play a trick on someone, so he got out a book he had and found the trick he wanted to play. The trick is to make a sandwich and leave the wrapper on the cheese so they can't bite the cheese, so we decided he would take a home lunch and an extra sandwich to give to a friend. What he didn't know is I thought it would be funny to play his own trick on him so I made his sandwich and left the wrapper on the cheese. When he got home I asked him how his sandwich was and he died laughing, he couldn't believe I had gotten him. Ha!Ha!