Saturday, August 30, 2008

What does this look like to you?

As most of you know, I am very content with my little family, while Jeff's not so sure. He keeps insisting that we need one more, just one more. He has not convinced me yet. I keep thinking "what would I do with five kids?" Holy crap that's a lot. So the debate continues, or does it?

I have been feeling kind of crummy this last week and I just haven't been able to put my finger on what wrong. Of course talking to my mom she suggest that it's probably stress, quickly followed by "you know, it wouldn't hurt to take a pregnancy test."
No, no! Theres no way possible it could be that, could it? Not unless I'm one of the 1%, and I'm not even late so why would this even be considered?

After going back and forth I finally decide to get a pregnancy test. I of course send Jeff to get it, I can only imagine what the rumors would be if I was seen purchasing a pregnancy test:)

The ritual is I "pee" and Jeff "looks" (at the pregnancy test when it's done) you sickos. So on Thursday morning I set out to solve a mystery, I do my job and lay back down to wait for Jeff to do his. He confirms it's a negative. Instantly I'm better.

Jeff heads to work and I get up to get the kids ready for school, but suspicion gets the better of me and I have to look in the garbage at the results myself. WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!!! What is he trying to pull? That is a total positive result. I quickly call him up and start immediately accusing him of lying, "why would you do that? do you think that's funny?" He totally has no idea what I'm accusing him of and quickly cover it up by saying "I think they just turn that way after they sit for awhile." I am not convinced so I set out to take another one. After drinking myself to death I finally take it and it's an instant positive. OH CRAP, OH CRAP, OH CRAP that's all I can think right now, that and how could this happen? (Well I know how it happens, but really?)
I call Jeff back up and tell him what happened, "Jeff theres two line, two lines means I'm pregnant," I'm trying not to yell at him at this point, one because he lied to me, two because I'm pregnant. He quickly explains that a "positive" sign means I'm pregnant and a "negative" means I'm not. I'm not buying that I have taken plenty of pregnancy test to know how to decipher positive from negative and it's a positive! Jeff quickly explains again that he's pretty sure when he read the box it said "with new easy read" Where's the box? I threw it away when I took the trash out earlier, not wanting to did threw the garbage outside, I jump on the internet and what do I find? New EPT easy reads, yep that's it "positive" is a "positive" and "negative" is a "negative". I quickly apologize to Jeff and thank him for not getting me pregnant.

Sorry to all of you who have been "nagging" me about another baby. Mich especially, you have know idea how close you were to getting the call...

As for my little family, I love all my boys and I definitely know that if or when I'm supposed to have another, I will definitely be open to the idea. Until then it will remain "five against one"

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catching baby fish!

The other day we took Matthew and Chase down to the pond to catch baby fish. Matty was so excited, it was his special outing since his older brothers were spending the night at grandmas. They set out with their nets to catch the fish, and before they knew it they had a whole bug catcher full. Matthew was as happy as could be. Chase was a little nervous at first but soon he got used to the idea and tried to help.

While we were there, we stopped to feed "Tucker" and "Bill" (our ducks that we had but set free because they were too stinky to keep.) The boys threw the bread in and the ducks weren't really interested though, so the bread just floated in the water, the boys didn't seem to notice.

After throwing bread "feeding" the ducks, it was time for rocks, they loved throwing rocks in the water, and could of spent all day doing just that.
We brought the fish home and they lasted about two days until I finally flushed them down the toilet.

I can't wait for our next adventure, having little boys usually means our adventures include catching thing, or lighting them on fire. Ooh what fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school!

Today my boys started school, YAY ME! It seems like I am counting down this day from about the second week of summer vacation, oh how I love for my kids to be in school. Don't get me wrong but after so many days of hearing"I'm bored", and "there's nothing to do" I am about ready to scream, I am definitely for year round school.

Taylor started fourth grade...I know it makes me crazy to think that I have a kid old enough for fourth grade, it seems like just yesterday that I was sending him to kindergarten. He is in Ms. Pardews class, she is a new teacher at the school, and Taylor is excited to be in her class.

Nicholas is in second grade, and when someone would ask him if he was ready for school to start, his answer would always be "no", but after going to school today I'm pretty sure he remembers how fun it can be. He is in Mrs. Sanders class (which I'm happy about) and I think he is too, I mean she let them catch grasshoppers and bring them into the classroom to be the class pet. He couldn't be any luckier.

I am so excited for my boys they are excellent students and I can't wait to see how much they learn and grow this year. I love you Taylor and Nick.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grasshoppers anyone?

I bet you all have seen a decrease in the amount of grasshoppers out there right!? Oh maybe just us. Nicholas and Mercedes have been spending the last week or two catching grasshoppers. Everyday they set out to the best spot imaginable for catching grasshoppers, the Mexicans, oops I mean the neighbors back yard. They fill the jar with as many grasshoppers as they can, and then feed them leaves, grass and carrots. The grasshoppers start slowly dying and before to long they empty their catch and start all over again the next day. So if you have a problem with grasshopper or any other bugs just give me a call and I will hook you up with the best bug catchers in town.

On the hunt....

Um, not really sure what to say for this one, maybe just ewww gross!

The three amigos strike again....or do they?

On Friday night I was home alone with the boys while Jeff was at "Manko". The boys were down stairs watching a movie, and I was upstairs reading, all of us just minding our own business. Nicholas comes up at 11:10 and tells me he saw someone in our front yard sticking things in the grass...Whaaaaat!

I knew before I even went outside who was in my front yard, not a peepeing Tom, or would be robber, but something much had to be Jessica, Nicole, and Natasha, A.K.A. "the three amigos". As quietly as I can I sneak to the door unlock it, and swing it open. AAAAHHHHH...that's what I hear as I see three figures running away. My lawn is half covered in forks and the three amigos are hiding behind my neighbors truck. Before long they come out of hiding to talk to me since they know that I know who it is. I make then pick up their forks (well really I think they wanted to take them to use on someone else since I had spoiled their surprise for me,) and they head home. Thanks girls for the eventful night. And for all of you out there who have been hit by them, here are some pictures of them cleaning up the mess that I'm sure you'll like to see.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I could beat that kid!!!

What a horrible title, it makes me sound like an abusive parent huh!?!? Let me tell you why I could beat him.
We were watching the Olympics when women's beach volleyball came on and Jeff said "This is Taylor's favorite thing to watch", and Taylor quickly replied, "no dad it's your because all the girls look better than mom." WHAAAAT... I am sitting right here you know that right!??! I couldn't believe it. Jeff quickly said as sarcastically as he could, "your mom is the most beautiful women in the world, never say something like that when she's around."
Now I don't know which one I want to beat more Jeff or Taylor, I guess they are just preparing on what to expect in the future with a house full of boys.

Summer is flying by....

Only four more days until school starts (five if you count the first day of school.) We have been enjoying the last week of summer vacation with a bunch of different things.

First we have been to the Payson pool about three times. It is our new favorite place, the kids love everything about it and I love that I don't have to clean it, like I do my pool. Jeff came with us one day and he ended up blistered so he hasn't gone back poor Jeff:(

Next had some family come in from out of town and it's always nice to see them. If it wasn't for them I probably would have never survived living in Las Vegas for the four years we were there. My cousin Jana has two little girls, and I was lucky enough to have them at my house for a day while their mom went to a wedding
We started out our day by heading to McDonald's, they all had a good time getting happy meals (which I swear I'll never buy again since they never really eat them) and playing on the toys. After McDonald's we headed back to my house for some swimming what I though would be a great way to wear them all out...WRONG. they all just kept going. After swimming it was s trip to the dollar store to buy some perfume for Haley, Aunt Lynn had given her some perfume before she came to my house but she wanted a new one for school. Lucky me and everyone else in the poor dollar store, she sprayed every single perfume at least once. It was a good day and my boys loved seeing their cousins.

Taylor and Haley in the pool.

Jill in a float tube and a life vest she's not going under.

Chase and Jill jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler.

We also went to the county fair it turned out to be really fun the boys loved the animals and the big tank. I of course didn't get any pictures because I forgot my.... memory card. Yep I had my camera and turned it on to realize I left my memory card in the computer, how sad. It has been a busy week but I think it's been a fun way to end a summer vacation.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot dog's don't have eyes...

My boys do a trick on the trampoline called a "hot dog" where they stand with their arm at their side and jump and spin at the same time. What? That doesn't sound like a hot dog to you? me either really, but I'm way past trying to figure my kids out. Any ways back to my story, Matty told me to watch him, he was going to do a new trick his brothers had taught him (oh great what have they taught him now was my first thought) . He assumes the position and says it's called a hot dog, he starts jumping and I notice his eyes are closed, and he keeps getting pretty close to the edge, so I ask him "Matty why are your eyes closed? your going to fall off the tramp." He stops and look at me like "duh" and says "because hot dogs don't have eyes." Oh that makes sense now, if your going to be a hot dog, then be a hot dog all the way.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The puppies are here!!!

It all started at around 2:30 in the morning, Rosie came up to our bed and was panting and was way restless so I of course thought, I better get her down stairs so she doesn't have her puppies in my bed so at 3:00 we went downstairs.
Jeff followed us downstairs because he didn't want to miss it he laid on the couch for about and hour than yep, he went back upstairs "just come and get me when she ready" he tells me. Hmm sounds familiar seems like I was panting and pacing on my own during all my pregnancies so why would he wait up with the dog?
Rosie didn't want me to leave her if I went up to the couch she quickly followed so I ended up on the floor keeping my hand on the dog. "DRUM ROLL PLEASE!" at 7:40 she has her first baby... she did so good at cleaning it up and she was very sweet to the twelve sets of eyes staring at her the whole time" my boys didn't want to miss it either", what a sweet little girl. At 11:20 she had the last of three puppies... all girls, "do you think we could talk the relief society into bringing us meals since we just had triplets?" Just wondering! I am so excited to have these cute little critters here, they will be so fun but only for eight weeks.
These sweet little puppies will be non-shedding and available October 1st for $350 they are a Maltese Chihuahua mixed, known as a Malchi. Do your research, and reserve yours today.

Fun in the sun.

Yesterday the Warner's invited us to go to the Payson pool with (yeah for nice neighbors), we had never been to the Payson pool and it was FABULOUS! We loved it! They have two slides for the older kids and a fun water playground for the younger kids, which also has two slides, and a lazy river. I know your thinking "a lazy river?" that's seven peaks kind of fun "I know."
Taylor and Mercedes had fun going down the slides, especially the one that big one that drops off. Poor Nick was to short to go on those slides but I finally convinced him to go down the smaller slides and he liked them a lot. Matty's favorite thing to do was pull on the ropes that dump water on you when pulled, that was until the lifeguard used her giant cartoon sized blow horn to yell at him "don't swing on the ropes!" he felt dumb so that was the end of that.
I myself loved the lazy river and could spend the entire day laying in it. Of course I had fun in the kids pool watching Matty play as well I mean who doesn't like sitting in the shallow end of the water looking like a beached whale while you watch them play!? J/K!
I can't wait to go again we are planning on going on Friday so if any one wants to join us you know were to find us.
Matthew playing on the ropes...

Mercedes and Matthew going down the slide

Taylor going down the big slide (I know you can't see his face but I know it's him, I remember buying those shorts.)