Thursday, January 22, 2009

The answer is...

Okay, so I guess you guys want an answer to my poll right, you all want to know my final decision, and how much influence you all have on me!? So I guess I'll tell you...drum roll please(brdrbdbrbbdbrbbbdd) the answer is YES! Yes I'm still debating {sigh}. I'm not sure what my problem is but I feel like with my baby being so old already, have I already missed the "right" time to do it, or do I need to just plan on having two more... NOT! Either way thank you all for your votes and kind words of encouragement, and thank you Angie for the honest truth, I know I can always depend on you for that.

Monday, January 12, 2009


As alot of you know, Jeff has been trying to convince me to add to our family. Crazy, I know he must be out of his mind, that's my thought and has been my thought for the last year. I of course would say "no" as quickly as it would come out of my mouth. Then it happened, he asked about a month ago and I said "hmmm"... That's right, not a "NO" like it should have been, but a "hmmm" holy crap what am I thinking? I am blaming it on all my pregnant Friends and relatives. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! I haven't been able to really decide if I'm losing my mind, or if maybe, just maybe it's an okay idea which leads me to the all to familiar "hmmm".
One of my concerns is if we did and it was a girl, would she be able to survive in this crazy family? Probably not, she would have no manners and actually try to out burp her brothers. Also Jeff asked the boys if we should have another baby and they all said yes, but they want another boy. Jeff asked Matty "what if it's a girl?" and he said "I will kick her", and Chase joins in and says "yeah flick her". Yep a poor girl would never survive. And if it was a boy, that would be okay too, I mean who couldn't use their own baseball team?
So my next option is to ask you the readers of this blog what do you think? Try not to vote on one answer more than 50 times (Michleene,Jeff, and Dad) I really want an honest opinion from the people I know. Hey and no name is required to vote so I won't be able to hunt you down for vocing your true feelings (lucky for you, to bad for me). Thanks to you all in advance.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Matty Moments.

Matty is so funny, and he is always saying thing to make us last. This is the conversation we had tonight....

Matty: Hey Mom, you see this, it's a camera( as he holds up the go-gurt and points to the picture on the front.)
Mom: Oh yep, it sure is huh!
Matty: Yeah you can win one.
Mom: Oh really?
Matty: Yeah, but this ones dumb.
Mom: Why?
Matty: It say's there's one in every box, but not this one...(thinking)... or maybe it's at the very bottom.

Wow the influence of commercials huh!?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Day.

On Christmas morning, Jeff and I waited in bed for the kids to wake up, trying to contain are excitement for the day. Little Chase was the first one up at 7:40 and when he came in it didn't take us longer then two seconds for us to convince him to get his brothers up. With all the kids up, we headed down stairs to see what the big man himself left.
The kids quickly went through their stockings and were ready for their presents. After we had all opened one present, my parents and Jamie came and spent the rest of the morning with us. Most of you know what great parents I have and we were so lucky that they came over and spent the day with us. The kids were all very happy with what they got. After presents the kids ate a traditional Newman Christmas breakfast consisting of...Christmas Crunch. What a wonderful day we all had playing with our new toys.

Friday, January 2, 2009

It all went by so fast.

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Holy crap I need to get with the program, and stay caught up.
This Christmas season has been wonderful, but it seemed to go by so fast this year. I had been so worried because Taylor was making small remarks about not believing in Santa, and there was no way he would sit on his lap or write him a letter and it absolutely broke my heart to think I had a shhhh....non believer. It was almost harder than sending him to kindergarten...who am I kidding, I was so happy for him to go to school.

I'm going to start with Christmas Eve since the rest of December was a blur.
We had Jeff's family over for a Christmas Eve party, where we exchanged white elephant gifts this was the first year we tried this, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Here's some of the gifts...
#1. A mouse (yes alive)
#2 Hot dog roller. I know you all could use one of your own.
#4 games
#5 And last but not least, a toilet seat filled with Mountain Dew and tootsie rolls. Yep you guessed it, Jeff brought that one.
We decorated cookies with the kids (no more gingerbread houses for this family) and played pin the nose on "Frosty".

After all that fun, the worlds best Santa stop by for a visit (thanks Jeff, you are the best.) The kids all loved him, and were so excited to see him and make their last minute request.

After all our company left, we went to the "festival of lights" the kids loved it. When we got home the kids all got in their pajamas and got cookies ready for Santa, and at this point, Taylor was acting just as excited as the other kids and suggested that they should leave some cookies for Mrs. Clause since she never gets any, so they wrote a special letter and left extra cookies. I of course was so excited that Taylor was a BELIEVER and of course I was an emotional wreck inside, but it was all good feelings... Yeah for Christmas Magic. The kids finished off the night by sprinkling reindeer food outside, and putting a special key on the door so Santa could get in. This was by far one of my favorite Christmas Eves in a long time, and I am so thankful for the innocence of my kids and the joy it brings to our family.