Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mr. Master Craftman, stripped of title!

That's right folks you heard it here first. Let me begin by letting you know how the competition is judged. The contestants are awarded 30 points for creativity, 30 points for durability, and 40 points for safety of completed projects.
Jeff Newman's fence and chicken coop were fabulous, scoring the top for both creativity and durability, however when put to the true test it came to our attention that safety was not on the list for Jeff Newman,scoring a lousy 0 points for safety. While out walking to the chicken coop he built, Jeff Newman tripped and cut his arm on the roof of the chicken coop, resulting in a 41/2 hour visit in the emergency room and 27 stitches. It has come to our attention that the chicken coops roof must be fixed to regain the title. And the contestant must also use his brain in upcoming accidents, and not ask for the super glue to fix his injury's that are more than an inch in length and a depth no deeper than 1/4 of an inch in depth. In the meantime if there our any of you wanting to nominate someone for the title of "Mr. Master Craftsman" please do so to this blog, and the panel will review his/her potential.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nicks first baseball game

Nicholas is so funny. We signed him up for baseball five weeks ago, and they gave him a shirt and a hat, and we went down and bought him a pair of shoes and pants. He was so excited that he was actually on a team and that he was going to get to play baseball. Once he had all his gear he had to try it on, we even had to show Grandma and Grandpa. He has had a few practices, but the weather has canceled a few of them, so they haven't learned a whole lot yet. The game wast on Tuesday, and it was so fun to watch. Most of the kids are new to the sport so their not really sure of everything, like when to get the ball or where to throw it once you got it, but it was still really fun. Nicholas actually did really good, and ran for a couple of balls, and man that kid has an awesome swing. I can't wait for all of his games this summer. GO BLUEJAYS!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I vote for David Archuleta!!!!!

Yep, that's right! I think he's going to win to night. It was so good last night that I found myself watching it with a big ol' perma-smile on my face. Archuleta did so good, and like Simon Cowell said "it was a knockout". After the show, actually while we were watching it because we tevo'd it from earlier, I was voting for him like crazy, I was able to get 300 votes in. I hope you all did the same thing and voted for local David Archuleta... GO ARCHULETA!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mr. Master Craftsman!

We finally got our fence up,YEA! Jeff spent the about a week getting our fence put up, he did an awesome job, and I am so happy, and I'm sure the neighbors are too. Thanks to all of you who helped, Mark, Josh,and Chris. Jeff was so happy with the way his fence turned out with the wheels to open the gate, and the detail, of the other gate that he told me I should refer to him from now on as "Mr. Master Craftsman" which I did for about an hour.

On the other hand,on one of his trips to Cal-Ranch, Jeff came home with a surprise.He handed me a box, and I opened it to find a chick and a duck. Why? was my first thought, but Jeff was so proud of his idea to raise a duck and a chicken, who was I to say no!? In all he ended up getting five chicks and two ducks, crazy I know. But Jeff ended up building them a cute little chicken coop, that Will be attached to a run, that will keep them nice and warm. With Jeff so proud of the chicken coop he built,he reminded again that he was "Mr Master Craftsman". And me being happy that he actually finished two of the projects he started, I may call him that until the end of the day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day!

I just love my husband and my boys so much. Jeff is so good about making sure the boys feel special for giving me things, and he makes it fun for all of them, this Mothers Day was no exception.
Jeff got the boys up while I was in bed and headed to albertsons to get stuff to make me breakfast. By the time they got home I was up and could hear them scurrying around and making sure everyone had signed the card, it was so cute to listen to them all trying to whisper, but not doing so good at it. They finally came into the kitchen, and Matty was leading the pack with a flat balloon, yes a FLAT balloon. He was so excited to give it to me and then they had to explain that it was filled, but when they got home and opened the truck door, it flew out. Taylor chased the balloon into our neighbors back yard and finally caught it and started running back with it when he snagged it on one of their bushes, and it popped. So they decided to just give me a flat balloon so I would know their intentions were good.
Then it's time for cards. The boys gave me their card first and it was perfect, and then Jeff hands me his card.... I opened it and it was all in spanish, I couldn't understand any of it, I opened it up and it plays some Hispanic song and continues in spanish. Jeff had written on the bottom of the card his interpretation of the words, keeping in mind he doesn't know spanish either, I laughed so hard. Jeff apologized and said he waited to long to get me a card, and by the time he got there this was all that was left. I love my family so much they are the greatest blessing I could ever have. Thanks boys for a wonderful Mothers Day.
( Jeff wasn't completely unprepared, he also gave me a gift certificate to Quilted Bear, one of my favorite stores. Thanks Honey!)