Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am too awesome

Brace yourself folks, your in for a real surprise. I know you all thought this would never happen, but it has. What your wondering, "what has happened"? I will tell you...two posts in one week. I am too awesome.
After skipping out on my blog for a long while, things happened and never got mentioned so with this post I will run through a list of things I have felt guilty about not posting.

First I'm going to start out with a BIG welcome home for my friend Mike. Mike has been in Afghanistan for the past year leaving at home a wife and three kids. That had to be one of the greatest sacrifices for him to leave his family, and go serve our country. I love their whole family very much, and am so happy for them to be back together again.

Next on my list of "things" is the chicks. That's right y'all we are farmers again, or at least as close to be a farmer as you can get without alot of work. Let me guess you all are thinking how many chickens could we possibly need right? Well if you remember the "lasts years" chicks, they are no longer with us. The were found in various places such as Zeb's mouth, Ellie's mouth, and in the hands of Jeff (the rooster) lifeless, lifeless as can be {{fake tears}}. Yeah there finally gone was my thinking but Jeff was quick to prove me wrong when he went out and bought more this spring. The chicks, I'm not sure exactly how many this time, are all alive and I guess growing so big. That's really all about that I just thought I would let you know we are back in business.

Well then there was St Patricks Day. During the night a little leprechaun came and sprinkled confetti shamrocks down the stairs to the kitchen table where he (she) left surprises for each kid. The kids thought it was so neat that the leprechaun actually stopped by, and Nick swears he heard him.

Last but not least I will update you on my aerobics class. One again let me say I am too awesome. Not only have I kept going to this aerobics class, but I have not stopped for a single pink cookie since my first time. Also, I am getting these dances down like mad... Just don't ask Mercades or she'll tell you I dance like a "bear" whatever!

Whew it's nice to have this done, and I promise I will post more frequently so you won't have to read another jumbled mess like this one.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The other day My honey and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, holy crap eleven years. It seems like I have known him my whole life, and being with him is the only thing I know.
Here's how my day started. I had to work so I got up at 2:30 and headed out the door, YUCK. As a get to my car, which has been conveniently parked behind the truck that I usually take, I see flowers on my dashboard and a card taped to the steering wheel. Oh how sweet, I have the best husband in the world. Then I turn the car on and "our song" is playing on the radio, how is this possible, my radio in my car doesn't automatically come on, you have to turn it on and then turn it to the right station first...I take a closer look, and he has had a brand new radio installed in my car. See I told you I have the best husband ever.

Then thanks to my mom watching the kids we were able to go up to Park City and spend some time together. We started the day by shopping on main street, who am I kidding, we were window shopping, we all know we can't afford anything in any of those shops. After a couple of hours we decided to eat lunch at Flannigans, an Irish pub...not a good idea. It might have been the fact that I ordered a sandwich that consisted of eggplant, squash, and peppers or that Irish food just sucks. Either way not a good idea. After lunch we did some more "browsing", and had some ice cream (which was not eggplant).
That night we went to see the play "something strange happened on he way to the forum" which was very funny.

The next day we hit the outlets for some great deals and then headed home...but not before taking a detour through Kamas (Jeff's big idea).

Thanks Jeff for eleven amazing years you are the best most supportive person, and I am so lucky to have found you. I love you!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taylor turns 10!

Last Friday Taylor turned ten...Holy cow. For his party Jeff took him and his friends to play laser tag, then it was back to our house for cake and ice cream. They all had alot of fun.
T. is such a good kid and a joy to have in our family. He is the best big brother and is so patient with all his brothers and he is always willing to help.
We love you T! Happy Birthday!

T's new bike!