Monday, July 28, 2008

The stapler was invented in 1867.....

That's 141 years ago... Nicholas was cleaning up from making some pirate hats in my bedroom when he saw some staples on the floor he asked me what he should do and I said "throw them away". He went on to tell me that he likes to break them apart I agreed and that's when he says "did you do that when you were a little girl"? I said "yes" then he says "did they even have staples back then"? WHAT? Of course they had staples waaaaaaay back then. Nothing like making you feel like your on your death bed, thanks Nicholas.

Friday, July 25, 2008

24th OF July

Yesterday we went to the parade, my kids loved it they had so much fun getting candy. I remember when Taylor was little he was to shy to run out and get candy, and I'm sure the other parents wouldn't like me shoving their kids so I could get some candy, so I told Taylor I was going to teach him how to do it. We would throw a bunch of candy on the floor and me and T would race to see who got the most...well I guess those lessons paid off because he was out there going crazy and getting tons of candy. Taylor also got to break a board. A karate team was in the parade and they were picking random kids to come and break a board and they chose Taylor it was kinda cool to see.

Later that night we went to our neighbors (The Devenish's) for a BBQ. We got there and when it was time to eat Megan told us all a few times that the corn was in the water cooler, so we all start dishing up our food and Nick says he wants a drink so Jeff says "get a cup and I'll push the button, so you can get some water" he starts getting the water and Nick asks "whys it so hot"? That's when we all realize what he was doing, he was getting Nick "corn water"DUH! Jeff said he didn't hear Megan say there was corn even though she said it at least three times. Ha Ha Ha! Any ways Nick decided to get a slush for a drink instead, I think that was a good idea.
The food was really good and the kids had a fun time playing.

After the BBQ we went down to the ball park to watch fireworks. It was a really good show and the kids loved it,except for Nick who fell asleep right after the fireworks started. We all had a really fun day and were exhausted by the time we got home.

I suck because I didn't take many pictures at the parade, well to be exact i took two and they didn't look very good, but I'll post them any ways since it's all I got.

I know Nick and Matty look really good with their eyes closed, and Taylor's sunblock makes him look like an albino. What "special" boys I have

Jeff,Chase and Ellie. Yes I'm a sucker and let them keep the dog.(really I never had a say in it.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Matty learns to ride a bike.....

Today Jeff decided it was time to teach Matty how to ride a bike, he took off the training wheels and Matthew was so excited. First things first,Matty gets his helmet on and gets on the bike while dad holds it and one push and he's off, WHAT.... only one push,no head to toe body armour, Jeff didn't even have to run along side of him, he just took off like the wind. He even figured out how to stop before he ran into me. I am so happy for him he is the cutest little cruiser with out his training wheels.

Girls night out in Park City

This past weekend was soooooo fun. Me and some my closest friends went to Park city. Friday started off really good, we hit the outlet mall for some shopping where I was able to get church shirts for all of my boys for $2.00 a piece at childrens place, I know awesome huh!? Then we headed to our condo to freshen up for dinner. We hiked up to the third floor with all of our bags, and opened the door to our room. Ahhhh, when we walked in, all the beds were a mess and the garbage can was over flowing, not to mention the gross bathroom....So Lindsey called down to the office to let them know whet we found waitng for us, so they sent someone down to our room, and not just any one...I know what your thinking, first the parade picture of some random lady who likes to steal seats, and now another one of the condo management but trust me words do not do her justice, and this picture is courtesy of Jaime and her sly ways of taking it. Where to start? Her hair, enough said except you cant see the back and it looks like she just got out of bed,her lip outlined in a dark, dark color and left plain in the middle, her shirt a really big stain covers most of her left be-bop and that really is the length it's not tucked into her pants which takes me to the next thing her pants wow look how high they are you can't see her shoes but she is sporting black heals with this outfit. I love people.

Back to business, although she looked crazy she took really good care of us and upgraded us to a much nicer condo for free.

We headed to dinner at Loco Lizard, and then went down to main street and hit rocky mountain chocolate factory...Yummy. Saturday we woke up and headed back to the outlets to finish up our shopping and then went to lunch at a Baja Cantina, then made one last stop at rocky mountain chocolate factory befoer headind hom. I had a great time with all my gal pals and can't wait for the cabin in September. Thanks to Lindsey for setting this up for us.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Memories of me!!!

Thanks to all of my friends who have posted this on their blogs. It is so fun reading everyones memories. I hope everyone will take time and post about memories they have, and I also want all of you to put this on your blog so I can tell my stories too.

Here's how it works:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember, good or bad but be nice please! ;)

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fourth of July

Before I start this post, I want to send a big thanks to one our best friends Mike. Mike is serving our country in Afghanistan. He left a wife and three beautiful children to spend a year fighting for our country. We are so proud of him! Thanks Mike, we love you, and pray for your safety.

We love the Fourth of July at our house, the freedom festival,parades, and of course the most important thing FIREWORKS. Let me tell you how we started the festivities.

We went to the freedom festival,also know as a commercial in the park, on Thursday, it was fun for all of us.
Then we thought we would take a quick tour down University Ave. to see if there were any spots left. Duh! Are we really that dumb? of course there were not spots left on University Ave., and why would there be, the parade was due to start in 15 hours. We decided to head home, and get blankets and chairs and send Jeff off to brave the night in Provo. He left our house and got to Provo by 8:00 and there were already a few people "wandering" around waiting until it was okay to claim their spots.They weren't sitting yet because the rules said you couldn't get a spot until 6:00 am so Jeff had a long wait ahead of him.

12:00 comes around and some nice older lady approaches Jeff and asks him if he plans on staying the whole night. Jeff says yes and the lady asks him if he will just put her tarp down when he puts his down, Jeff being the nice guy,(or idiot) that his is says "but of course total stranger let me help you". So now not only does he have our stuff he has ,the nice older ladies stuff as well.

3:00 Jeff is able to claim our land, and sets the nice older lady's stuff up next to ours, when all of a sudden,(said in a kind of eerie voice) a few ladies come and sit smack dab in the middle of the nice older lady's tarp.WHHAAAT?
Jeff politely asks them what their doing and they said that the rules said they could sit anywhere they wanted as long as no one was there, so they were taking this spot. Jeff explained to them that he was saving it for a nice older lady, and that there were plenty of other spots that they could move to. Well One lady went on to say how she's not from Utah but every time she comes to Utah someone is saving someone else a seat, like it happened to her once at a movie and she just sat any ways.Jeff trys again to persuade them to move,but that doesn't fly with them, so they decide to flag down an Officer of the law (aka. Provo Police). They explain the situation and the cop tells Jeff that they are technically right and that Jeff should move the tarp. GRRRR.
The "Seat Stealer" (I hope she's not one of your aunts or mother in laws, and if she is you should teach her some manners.)

So Jeff finds the nice older lady a spot about 15 feet away, and saves that for her. He comes back to his blanket so no one takes his spot and over hears the spot stealer's talking about the talk she had given in church on Sunday. WHHHATT? They had given talk in Church on Sunday and stole a seat from some one in such a rude manner, not even a week later? Hypocrite!

Jeff tells me the story and I say "what you should have said" do you ever find yourself doing that after the fact? Sorry back to business "what you have said, is if your following the rules so well than you can't reserve your seat until 6:00 like the rules say, so your either sitting in a different spot now or waiting for this spot and seeing if it is unoccupied at 6:00." man, that would have shut her up.

Needless to say everyone got a spot. The nice older lady who Jeff saved a spot for, but really shouldn't have brought us donuts and juice.

We all loved the parade and the kids enjoyed the spending the day with their cousins, all and all a very fun day.

Taylor and his cousin Hailey

Me and Chase

Blowing bubbles with Hailey

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'ts the little things.

Two night ago Nicholas and Matty wanted me to sleep outside with them on the trampoline I said I would, so with treats and blankets we headed out to the trampoline. Each kid wanted to sleep next to me so I ended up in the middle, which was fine but every time someone would move they would end up halfway on me, kind of hard to sleep like that. It was getting a little chilly so Nick wanted to go inside, so we woke Matty up and got our blankets and treats and headed back inside. We got inside and it was 2:00 so the boys laid out their blankets on the floor and they asked if I would stay with them since I was spending the night with them, so of course I did. They both fell asleep and about six different times Matty woke up and I would hear "Mom"? and I would say "what bud?" and he'd pause for a minute and then say "I love you". The next day I was telling Jeff how good it felt to know that my kids love me so much. Just knowing that I was still there and that I hadn't headed up stairs was enough for Matty to be happy. It's the little things like this that help you realize how much you mean to your kids, and just shows you how much they love and need you.