Sunday, September 28, 2008

Creepy Crawly!

It all started on a cold dark night with the rain pouring down, and the lightning the only light in the sky...
Not really. But it should have been (plus I always wanted to start a blog entry that way!) Anyways Jeff and I had gone down to a garage sale on river bottoms road, and on the way back as we're driving along, I see something in the road...
"Holy Crap did you see that spider in the road?" I ask Jeff. I know your all thinking, "girl you are cuckoo there is no way you would see a spider in the middle of the road while driving", I said I was sure of it so Jeff backs the truck up. We start backing up, and right there in the middle of the road is a leaf, and I'm thinking Oh great, I thought a leaf was a spider, now I look really dumb. I promise Jeff that that's not what I saw and he back up some more, and there it is in the middle of river bottoms road, a GIANT TARANTULA! I know! I have lived in Utah for "barely" 29 years, and have never in my life seen a real life tarantula. Except for Jeff's pet tarantula, who he threw at me once and made me pee my pants...true story.

My thought was, we've got to catch it. One of the boys in ward is doing a bug collection in school and he would be the coolest kid in the class if he brought in a tarantula. So we look around and we find a popcorn box in the back of the truck, and Jeff gets out to catch the spider. At this point, I am already in the backseat of the truck, for fear of losing my life because of the spiders massive fangs. We head home, one of the most uneasy rides of my life, with my husband taunting me with the popcorn box.

We take it to my neighbors to see if he still needs bugs for his collection, and sadly he's done with that project, so we're left with this crazy huge spider.
We take it home to show the boys, and they of course thought it was the coolest thing ever. They even took it to a few neighbors to show it off.

After everyone has their fun with it Jeff and all the kids pile in to the truck to go set it free, but not before Jeff has a chance to chase me around the yard with a popcorn box. Here's the picture, imagine this, me running around screaming as Jeff chases me with a box of popcorn, the neighbors were probably thinking that I must have major issues with popcorn, What a JERK! (I really do love you honey, even when you cross the line!)

So now I know, the story's they say of tarantulas living in Utah are true, even if you've never seen one just know their out there. (Creepy I know!)

I am going to post some pictures now, I will start out slow with the not so scary ones just in case some of my loyal friends have a weak stomach when it comes to spiders, but you have to see this sucker!

The last picture with Taylor playing with it shows you it's true size. Gross huh!?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kids are CraZy...

I was just sitting here today, thinking about how funny my kids are and how much they make me laugh. I thought I would share with you just a couple of funny things from this week.

Mattty and Chase playing upstairs with their "Mickey Mouse Playhouse"

Mom: Hey Matty can you share the Donald Duck with Chase?
Matty: No mom, it's not Donald Duck, it's Donald Goose.
Mom: What...are you crazy?
Matty: No he's just a goose.

Okay whatever! Atleast I can say my kids don't watch enough T.V. to know Donald Goose's true identity.

Nick telling me about how close Taylor and him are to finishing "Halo" (a game for the xbox, that I don't approve of.)

Nick: Hey mom we are almost all the way done with Halo1, then we can buy Halo2.
Mom: Oh, that's great! Do you like playing it?
Nicki: Yeah, it's awesome, it is so violent and stuff.
Mom: Whaaaat... your done playing it.
Dad: Nick meant all you do in the game is pick flowers and take them to cute old lady's. Right Nick?
Nick: No it's really violent.

I am so glad my kids will tell me the truth, maybe they will continue to do it forever, and I will never have to worry.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Feeling Crappy?

This video is off of scrubs, and it is sooooo funny. I don't know why I think it's so funny, maybe I am just completely sick or maybe it's because I realize that I will probably be in that same situation one day, and if I can just imagine the doctors being so excited about it, it might not be so bad.

Any ways if you get offended by the word "poo", or you just don't have any sense of humor at all, I advise you not to watch ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Puppies...

Let me tell you my story. When I first got Rosie I was so excited I had this cute little purebred Maltese who would be so fun to breed...What was I thinking.

The first thing That really made me regret it was, on the night she had her puppies, Jeff was convinced that there was another puppy in her, and nothing was happening. When it had been 12 hours since her last pup I gave in and called the vet. Just to please Jeff.

The vet told me I could bring her in and have an ultrasound done, and that would be about $10,000,000 dollars, or I could just do a check myself. Hmmm...Check myself huh!? I can probably do that right. So The first thing to do is learn how to properly do a check. I get online to trusty google and find out exactly how to do a check. Ewwww gross! It's worse than I thought, I actually have to do a "real" check.Then I wonder, can I really do this? Yes I can.

So after searching my house for some Vaseline or KY jelly and finding nothing,I am forced to call my neighbors.

Let me ask you, how would you feel if at 10:00 at night you get a call from your crazy neighbor next door asking to borrow some Vaseline? Awkward! Well Megan was kind enough to give me some Vaseline that she actually didn't want back, I can't say I blame her.

Now I had to talk to myself for a little while before I could actually do the check, I was trying to convince myself it was for the best...
So I check...NOTHING. I was fuming mad, I had just done that for nothing. Not only had I scared the crap out of the poor neighbors, I have successfully traumatized myself and the dog.

The next thing is the sleepless first three nights, sleeping with one eye open because the dog is so stupid and keeps laying on her babies, duh that will cause them to die.

Number three reason the puppies are finally getting cute and the kids start getting attached and every day, sometimes twice a day one of your kids will ask " can we keep the puppies? they are so cute. Please, please, please."

And the final reason why this was a dumb idea is because they STINK! Yes, no matter how often I change the bedding or the puppy pads it doesn't matter, they're puppies and they pee and poop, that's all everyday.

So I tell you before you decide to breed your dog, make sure you are ready for the longest eight weeks of your life.

Just a real quick note, to anyone who wants I have two adorable, puppies left for sale. I am asking $300 a piece. They will stay fairly small around 5-7 pounds and they are precious.