Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hip Hop Halloween Night.

Oh halloween how I love thee! Everything about Halloween is just great, the pumpkins... carving and seed, the decorations, the costumes, the parties and the ridiculous amount of candy. Does it get any better?

The kids all decided what they were going to be after changing their minds 500 diffrent times and hear are the final decisions....

Matty's list of costumes consisted of, a power ranger, a ninja, a clown and what did he finally decide on?

"Hiccup" from "How to train your dragon"

Next up is Chase first off it was Frankenstein, woody, power ranger, a skunk, and the final costume is...


Nicholas was pretty much clueless until about the last minute, when he finally decided to be

An "orc" from World of Warcraft.

And finally we bring in Taylor who has no clue, and is pretty much bored with even trying to decide. I do my motherely duties and find him a costume of an out house with a guy in it and he loves the idea. Well time goes by and I have about two days to make his costume and I just can't fit it in so I find this for him, and it was a HUGE hit.

Pony up Cowboy!

Baby girl didn't have much of a choice in the matter, but for parties and main street trick or treating she was a...

Then for Halloween night and trunk or treating this is where she ended up

Lobster stew!

And to finish it off what is Halloween with out "Witches Brew" and the traditional "Meal in a Pumpkin."

Friday, August 13, 2010

4th of July

There may not have been any fiery explosions or mortars being shot directly aT us and our houses,no fingers being burnt, or holes burnt in to clothing, but this year did not dissapoint. The festivities started with a BBQ with neighbors which included burgers plenty of yummy salads, an awesome cake made by yours truely and of course SLUSHIES.

Next up was the bee stings...I know this isn't really one of those kind of thing you want to remember or that should be highlighted as part of your "GREAT" day, but I just have to share. Chase was playing so nicely in the sandbox minding his own business when a good for nothing mean old bee came up and stung him three yes that's 3 diffrent times. One on his chin, his nose and his ear. Poor little kid. I didn't get a picture because I rushed to save the day.

Chase is such a trooper and it only bothered him for a few minutes...that's not metioning the damage it did as far as seeing any flying bugs now, which usually results in a panicked screams followed by running inside.

The night ended with fireworks. What great neighbors I have I just love you guys!

Matty's Kindergarten Graduation!

Kindergarten is just the sweetest year for kids. They are so excited to learn and just love the feeling of independance. Matty had the GREATEST teacher this year and he learned so much I was kind of sad to see it come to an end. Okay okay confession time...Yes I cried at his graduation but I amjust so darn proud of him.

Lilly's blessing

My beautiful family means the world to me. Blessing this sweet baby girl and giving her a family name (Lillian: Great Grandma Dimitt) (Rose: Great Grandma Newman),was one of the greatest days! Lilly has made our family complete and we all love her so much.

Lilly with her Grandma and Grandma Great

Lilly and her Grandpas

My Family

Lilly and PROUD daddy


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lilly, the new star of our camera.

The Princess has arrived

Lillian Rose Newman
6lbs. 1oz. 18 in.

So it all began on March 4th at about 4:00 in the afternoon. I started having contractions thought nothing of it because I was not due for another three weeks. They stayed pretty consistant and then around 7:00 they slowed down and then stopped all together. BOOOO! So I went on about my night and at 9:00 they started back up, oh great I thought another tease. We get ready for bed and the contractions are still going strong. At 2:00 am. the contractions are about 2 minutes apart so I call Angie and she comes over so the kids can stay in bed. As we are leaving she asks when to get the kids up for school and I tell her not to worry about it, Jeff will be back by then...I have never been so WRONG in my life.

We get to the hospital the contractions are going strong but I am not dialated at all, but with my history they decided to keep me for awhile and watch me. They have me get up and walk around the halls to see if I can get things moving a little faster... it doesn't work.

Well I wait and still no progress. To make a long story short I am going to skip to mid-night. Well it's officially March 6th Taylor's birthday I have been in labor now for 27 hours and still no baby. the nurse comes in every 30 minutes to check me and I am still making very little progress. At 2:00am the nurse checks me and I am a 5 oh boy, I will be here forever at this rate...at 2:30 she's back in to check and I am ready YAY!

The nurse calls the Dr. who is sleeping in the hospital waiting for me to have the baby and he heads to my room. As the nurses and Dr. are getting everything ready the baby starts to come and as the Dr. puts his first glove on and reaches for his second the baby decides to come and Jeff catches her right in time, the Dr. turns around with his one gloved hand and takes over from there.

It was a long 29 ours but well worth the wait. After all these years I have my precious baby girl.