Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Life flys by

Since I have received harsh words and e-mails about me not being so "awesome" because I haven't kept up on my blog I thought I would sit down and take a few minutes to entertain my fans:)

Life has been busy and there have been a lot of things I haven't blogged about, but my intentions have been to blog about all the excitement but when it comes right down too it I just don't, I know I'm a big slacker. here's a run down of the things you have all missed out on.

Easter was really fun this year. I had my Easter party on Saturday which I think turned out great I'm a little biased, but I must say it was awesome. Even though the rain was worrying me like crazy it all turned out good, with the exception of the prize table which needs a little rethinking.

Spring Break:
What can I say, it rained and rained and rained. Jeff took Thursday off, which was supposed to be our zoo day but the rain quickly turned it into a bowling day. So we headed to good old Jack and Jill's oh the memories ahhhh. On the very first time up to bowl, Jeff crossed the fowl line and yep you guessed it, he fell right on his butt. Oh man I swear that's one of the best things about him, his clumsiness always leads to a good laugh. Although that was funny it wasn't the best thing about it, so what was your wondering right? Well when I was little I used to go with my dad to watch him bowl with his league, and they had the best fries, well guess what, they still have the same fries and they are the best fries ever talk about delicious. The fries were definitely better then our scores, I actually won a round with a score of 118 don't worry though, I will remember all you little people when I go pro.

Hogle Zoo:
We went to the zoo a couple of Sundays ago and it was so fun. The kids had fun looking at all the animals, and I had fun watching my kids get so excited about the animals. You can only imagine how exciting this was for them because they still get excited when we pass cows or horses, so these animals were amazing. Once again though Jeff was there to entertain, and he sure didn't let us down. While we were in the reptile house which has a big sign "please leave strollers outside" we are wandering around and I look over and see Jeff pushing a stroller, I look behind him and there is a guy trying to get his attention to tell him that he's got his stroller but Jeff doesn't realize until I stop him and pull him away...needless to say I made Jeff hold my had so we didn't have any more mishaps.

Well he season just started which I am very excited about, I love baseball and it's one sport I can practice with my kids and they will actually benefit from my help. I will post about that as soon as games get underway.

Well your all up to date so please stop leaving mean messages in my inbox, and I will honestly try to keep up from now on.