Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Typhoon Season

We moved here right at TYPHOON SEASON! What that means is that it rains Alot! The first rain storm the kids were so excited, and couldn't believe how high the water was getting, and they just had to play in it (Everyone but Taylor, he said the water was too GROSS! he is right:)
We get rain like this at least once a week and it still gets the kids excited but I won't let them play in it anymore I know meanest mom in the world but seriously the first time was more than enough.
Nick making it across the road

Matty and Chase making the "trek"

Land Ho!

Look at the black sludge following this guys, yep and my kids were playing in it

Nothing stops the Filipino's


Mich said...

That is a LOT of water! Where does all that water go?

Chastina said...

Wow! Fun and gross, no wonder the kids like it. :)