Friday, August 12, 2011


Our trip to Bohol started at port one where we loaded a non-air conditioned boat, and headed out on a hour and a half ride.
The boat ride was okay except the fact the people behind us kept taking our pictures like we didn't notice what they were doing. I hate that!

That night we had dinner at the hotel, which was free with our hotel room, however we spent $30 on drinks and all we had were soda's, (so much for a "free" dinner :)
Day two: Swimming! Yes that's what we did all day, and of course I didn't get the sunblock on fast enough and Nick, Chase, Matty and I all got fried...
  Day three: A tour of the Island
Old Catholic Church

The LARGEST snake in CAPTIVITY!!!!
This place just had a monkey and one HUGE snake. The Monkey loved Lilly and she loved him to she would laugh so hard when it tried to touch her. As for the snake, it was sick and I don't need to see it ever again in my life.
Jeff with the snake!
There are close to 2,000 Hills in a 20 mile radius they are green now but turn brown and that's where the name came from.

Butterfly Garden
This place was really neat. They showed us the cocoons and chrysalis's
 We even got to hold live cocoons that would move when you touched them. They also had butterflies who "played dead" and some that smelled like chocolate (my favorite.)

 Tarsier Monkey
This Monkey is the smallest primate. It only lives on Bohol Island and cannot leave or it can't live. They Are so stinkin cute and tiny, I just wanted to squish their cute little guts . We also saw lemurs, monkey's, snakes, iguanas and wild cats.

That's the end of our tour of Bohol island.We saw lots of cool animals and some amazing sites. I am so glad my kids are able to see all this.


Chastina said...

That looks so fun. Hope everyone's sunburns healed quickly.

Ryan and Megan said...

First, if you werent so darn cute people wouldnt be taking your pictures :) and second that snake is sick, seriously gross!! and third good too see pics of my boys and my lilly vanilli. Miss ya.

Mich said...

I agree with you, that monkey is so cute! I didn't even know butterflies had a fragrance, but chocolate? Yum, I might have eaten it.